Sunday, 6 September 2009

Remarkable Repairs

Con mi e-book instinctivedesign, salí la ¨Nominee" número 8 (?) en la competición, Remarkable Repairs, lanzada por Platform 21. La mayoría no necesita explicación, pero contadas por el ¨diseñador-hacedor¨ son mucho más interesantes (por eso el post sigue en inglés..)

I was looking for a way to repair my shrunken sweater, not by adding another layer of fabric but with the sweater in itself, to respect the original as much as possible.
How could it be enlarged again?
Cutting the fabric in a brick pattern made the shrunken sweater stretchable again and by putting it on, it adjusted into a wearable size automatically.
Calypso Schuijt, the Netherlands

There always are some boys playing football in our nice street with houses from the 1930s. A few years ago the ball smashed the drainpipe. Afterwards it started to rain and I had to come up with a quick solution. A coke bottle proved to be a good solution that has been lasting for years and that provokes a lot of surprised responses.
Jaap van der Feer, the Netherlands

Banister repair
Entry by Any-One

I repaired my sheets with 1001 stitches of glow in the dark thread.
Marina van Goor

Instinctive Design is a free book that celebrates everyday creative problem solving and temporary solutions. With lists, quotes, photos and stories on methods that people use to find new uses for objects around them.
Ana Lisa Alperovich, London, UK

These glasses offer outward protection to hide behind. At the same time they also express the uniqueness of its wearer. Anonymity and uniqueness in one.
Francien Degewij, the Netherlands

Last year I have developed a project on fixing that I have executed in Badhikel, a small village close by Kathmandu in Nepal.
Fascinated with the signs of age and history in objects found in people's homes, I, together with Sanjeev Maharjan, went around the small Village of Badhikel, in Nepal, collecting these artefacts in their state of halfway-usage.
Sanjeev and me started to repair broken pots, shoes, jars by means of thick thread and needles. The repairs highlighted and re-enforced the beauty of their time/usage damage.
At our first visit to the villagers, their curious eyes shown no more than surprise and uncertainty, but with our second visit, we had the pleasure of having the villagers themselves sitting and fixing objects together with us. The honor to have their company, creativity and dedication, was the highlight of our journey - a social and racial barrier that went from broken, into linked together. Our mission was accomplished.
Edgar Mosa, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I repaired a big hole in my jeans by adding a zipper. Zipper closed: I’m decent. Zipper open: I’m cool.
Marcel van der Drift, the Netherlands